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Corporate values

          ---employee business activities to be observed values.

Core values-
to provide enterprises with operation and management of fundamental norms and values, long-term stability can not be easily changed.

Integrity Quality Service Management Innovation

- Observance of good faith, to win the trust of society.
- Strict quality control, cast the brand foundation.
- Sincere service, the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
- Scientific management, improve employee productivity.
- Focus on innovation, and enhance the vitality of enterprises.

Strategic concept-
based on culture stone industry adapt to the changing situation constantly reinforce the internal management model innovation to build a strong brand differentiation to create YASI。

a market-oriented customer service center to win the market development efforts to maximize opportunities to promote the market to maximize customer satisfaction and quality management to minimize problems for the most fundamental elements of nature 
  (1) And users to share quality and value. 
  (2) With customers to strengthen and expand. 
  (3) Customer success is the success the company. 
  (4)The user’s demand is our pursuit, the user is the issue of our problems, user thing is our things, users of the difficulty is that our difficulties .

Management concept
flow order rules and strong rewards and rational management. 
  (1) equality before the system .
  (2) subordinates is wrong, and the leadership responsibilities .
  (3) strict, detailed, real, tough, strong
  (4) details the success process over outcome
  (5) "four must" "Four to know","four reported "and" one to rely on. " 
Four must be: business interests must always come first, we must maintain unity and purpose, must have good working attitude, we must learn new knowledge and learn to combine
Four to know: to know where the subordinates, like, what to do, what
Four reports: the higher the lower the initiative to report where, like, what to do, what One to rely on: the problems and difficulties encountered prominent companies rely on to solve 

build a growth platform for the implementation of learning and training development plan to strengthen the value of staff achievements 

  (1) selection: cronyism and merit and loyalty Qinzhi with basic values: a benefit for the company my company for my benefit.
  (2) the employer: Staff is creating a business, the brothers share the results of partner personnel director, will be the guest, short-personnel director, the world’s people with no need to control who can do things to do .
  (3) educating people: first person, then doing something, have the prestige, only the bit for ordinary people to extraordinary things so that employees were forced to successfully.
  Train management personnel as the "four" Coach (will the actual proficiency, will be writing programs and Demonstrations, will guide teaching and assessment, will be thinking of the concept of emotional communication and dissemination) 

Concept of competition - competition is the perfect self-booster
(1) internal competition: in the competition, cooperation, cooperation and win-win.
(2) external competition: the competition, learning, learning and growth.
(3) modest and prudent, cautious, low-key calm, reasonable manner
Quality concept: quality is the survival of the enterprise
(1) does not produce quality products, equal to the manufacture of useless garbage.
(2) Product quality is produced not test out.
(3) quality and safety of the product quality is no small matter as big as day.
(4) excellent quality is guaranteed to compete.
(5) There is no quality assurance of products, will give customers the greatest cost.
(6)Product quality is the foundation of survival
Product concept - quality made to enhance the brand value of the trust to create differences in the quality of innovation to gain competitive
YASI product is the right choice symbol of quality.
Innovative ideas - everybody’s innovation, not stifle innovative solutions from time to time for each competition, there are many innovations. Learn to compete, be good at innovation. 
Safety concept - the warning, precautionary measures quality is the life safety of the staff of life.
Marketing concept is doing 20% -80% is the sales marketing company: culture, brand, technology, quality, marketing yourself: character, ability, enthusiasm, service marketing product: quality, value, benefits.

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