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Code of Conduct
          ---Corporate repeated orders prohibited.
Resolutely ban on matters:
Forbidden embezzlement, damaging company property, embezzlement, bribery is strictly prohibited.
No conversion.
It is strictly prohibited to violent intimidation colleagues or superiors.
No theft, drug abuse.
No disclosure of company business secret.
No other obvious damage the interests of the company and the severity of the act that violates social morals.
Prohibited items:
No fighting or assault.
No customers and gambling.
Is strictly prohibited to resort to deceit, no hidden accidents.
No leakage of personal income.
No comment is detrimental to the company.
Prohibit be forgetful of one’s duties, failure to report, to shield others.
Stop wasting raw material and the sources of energy.
Prohibit the destruction of facilities and environmental health.
Prohibit the deliberate suppression and buried talents.
Prohibit the deliberate belittle or elevation of the performance of their subordinates.
Is strictly prohibited in the work during drinking, or for work before drinking and influence the normal work.
It is strictly prohibited to friends and relatives and unrelated persons into the workplace or production workshop.
No other serious violations against social morality and working standards of behavior.
Do not allow the:
Not allowed to do private work or use public work do private work.
Do not say dirty words, don’t make fun of your colleagues or abusive coworkers.
Don’t give colleagues to nickname.
No break at work places and public places, playing loud.
Are not allowed to post, string Kong or work to doze off.
Do not allow the unauthorised use of office computer to access the Internet and QQ chat.
Not allowed in the plant native tongue.
Don’t jump the queue handle various affairs.
Would not permit the waste of food.
Do not allow any other violation of the relevant provisions of the company act.
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