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Special systems
          ---mainly refers to non-programmed system. And the work system, management system and responsibility system compared to the general system, a special system better able to reflect the characteristics and management of the enterprise culture.

At present the company main special system:
Management of cadre appointment appraisal system, fulfil system, anniversary celebrations, office and business staff system work experience week system, system, innovation creative project declaration system, incentive system for recommending qualified personnel, do not eat rice did not live customer customer real system, banned in market gambling system, dining etiquette system, system, the company dress code green, health system, layout system, executive system, punish leaders return award system, before the class meeting system, staff oath system, staff training system, star customer value-added services system, tutor mentoring system, developed in response to the individual system, incubating clone system, information collecting system, learn to catch than super system.
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