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Enterprise morality

          ---refers to the enterprise internal adjustment between people, between units and unit, individual and collective, individual and society, between enterprise and society relationship standards of behaviour.

Of all people - of all things Thanksgiving - thanks with a smile to express sincere interpretation of love with the blessing.

  (1) Karl products really do with the product .
  (2) full set positive, for good life .
  (3) grateful heart : Yongming grace to others, in order to have that could benefit others; Great Love, accept all .
  (4) employee code of ethics (Eight Honors and Eight Shames)

to love the company proud, ashamed to harm the business;
proud of moral integrity, ashamed to fraud;
to take pride in learning and innovation to move forward ashamed;
to be proud of unity and cooperation, to selfishness ashamed;
to thrift proud to be ashamed of extravagance and waste; t
o comply with regulations the Secretary proud to breach of discipline Division ashamed;
to the pursuit of excellence and pride in order and just ashamed;
to be proud of the selfless devotion to selfish shame.

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