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Company profile

Beijing BoLIDE Art Deco Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development, production, sales culture, rock and stone as one of the new building and furnishing materials company. I produced, "YASI," the brand culture and rock material by the Chinese National Test Center to test and high-tech building materials industry committee review, the technical indicators are in line with technical standards and cultural .YASI, cultural, natural stone products we produce color and elegant, subtle muscle patterns clear, unmatched stripes and colors, the real texture, rich in texture, the construction industry, the impact of a new, select it, and you will doubled value of the house!
Company covers an area of more than thirty thousand square meters, has a professional Technology research and development
and sales management team to continuously adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, developed and launched new products, products exported to Europe, Russia and other countries. At home and abroad in the field of culture stone production technology has produced very successful production experience, success and many domestic and foreign real estate, construction companies and manufacturers to establish a long-term strategic agency partnerships, with a wide range of product applications and more than ten years of brand heritage, "YASI" brand culture stone, represents not only the quality but also on behalf of the faith.
We always in line with: the technical innovation, the pursuit of perfect, as always with the market as the guidance, take the customer service center, to a win-win for the development, marketing as the core, the market demand and customer satisfaction maximization, market problems and the contradiction between supply and demand minimize, or to our customers to provide quality products and services.
The company attaches great importance to the development of the individual potential employees, establishing long-term training, motivation and promotion mechanism, staff and enterprise grow together. At the same time, the company strengthening human resources development and integration, and strive to build a learning enterprise, and actively explore new human capital operation mode, the directional cultivating the specialized theory and practical skills, solid prominent post adaptable, moral quality best high skilled talents.
The starting point of the new century, "YASI" and are composed with hard work and wisdom of "YASI" brand to grow brilliant, with a sincere return of every customer and friend. We will persevere and continue to innovate and forge ahead, modest and pragmatic way to more and better products to the people, achievements, history, the "YASI" forging the building's exterior decoration materials in China ranks the industry's flagship.

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